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Parisons Liberty Maida

Parisons Liberty Maida provides the perfect ingredient for making wide variety of delicacy’s. Liberty maida is suitable for bakery products and home preparations alike. This flour can be used for making Kerala Porotta. Our maida has less dough development time with excellent extensibility and sheeting properties. We get brighter Porotta with excellent layering & softness retention.


More final product yield

Extra softness to final product

Good texture and optimal moisture level

Longer freshness for final product

AVAILABLE IN – 25kg, 50kg and 75kg

Parisons Liberty Porotta Maida

Parisons Liberty Porotta Maida is the preferred choice for making Kerala Porotta. Porotta’s made are crispy, fresh and tasty. We have been an integral part of fresh and tasty Kerala porottas in the state.


Good dough extendibility

Smooth flour with white colour

Low ash flour

Longer freshness for porottas

Crispy and tasty porottas

Available in - 50kg and 75kg

Parisons Liberty Cake Maida

Parisons Liberty Cake Maida is specially made for preparing soft and tasty cakes. The fineness and uniformity of the flour ensures softness and good mouth feel for cakes made.


Very fine flour

Good structure for cakes

Extended shelf life

Ensures softness and freshness for cake

Available in - 25 kg, 50 kg and 75 kg

Parisons Liberty Bread Maida

Parisons Liberty Bread Maida provides the perfect ingredient for making softer and puffier breads. The flour gives better shelf life and volume for breads.


Good volume for final product

Increased shelf life

Softer breads

More yield

AVAILABLE IN – 50kg and 75kg

Parisons Liberty Sooji

Parisons Liberty Sooji is made from select high quality wheat. The sooji is Coarse, Granular, White & Free flowing. It is uniform and easy to cook. The product is soft, distinct, non-sticking and easy to cook.


High granule size

Easy to cook

Excellent taste

AVAILABLE IN – 25kg, 50kg and 75kg

Parisons Liberty Atta

Parisons Liberty Atta is made from selected farm fresh golden brown Indian wheat from the choicest granaries in India. The soft texture makes it ideal for making the softest and fluffiest chapattis. It is trusted by many households in Kerala.


Easy to make dough

Excellent water absorption property gives softer chappathis.

Fresher and softer chappathis

More yield

Available in - 25kg, 50kg and 75kg

Aditi Chakki Atta

Aditi Chakki fresh atta is made from selected farm fresh golden brown Indian wheat from the choicest granaries in India. We preserve the delicate balance of precious vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates of the wheat grains in the atta. Untouched by hand and hygienically packed in state of the art chakki mills to provide you the best chakki fresh atta to suit your cooking needs.


Extended freshness

Excellent taste

Low moisture content makes chappathis last longer

Available in - 25 kg and 50 kg 75kg