Bakery & Speciality Fat

Achieve baking excellence with our comprehensive range of bakery fats and specialty ingredients, supported by our team of bakery experts. With our extensive portfolio of shortenings, margarines, coating fats, we provide the tools to elevate your bakery creations. Collaborating with our team, we will tailor ingredient solutions to meet your specific application requirements. We understand the importance of sensory appeal and functionality in baked goods, and our experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Staying ahead of the latest trends, we offer options that align with. Additionally, we provide solutions for reducing saturated fat and addressing other nutritional considerations. By partnering with us, you can tap into a range of possibilities to enhance your bakery products and stay competitive in the market.

All Purpose

No matter if you’re creating a rich cookie, indulgent filling, or delicate donut, we have the solution for you. Our all-purpose shortenings, made from palm oil, offer versatility and ease of use in various baking, filling, and frying applications. Designed to meet diverse textural and mouthfeel requirements, our shortenings are perfect for bakers seeking a single option that can elevate sensory experiences across their bakery creations.


If you’re looking to create decadent chocolate brownies, a delicious pound cake, or cupcakes that maintain exceptional quality even after freezing and thawing, we’ve got you covered. Our range of cake margarine, offers easy-to-use solutions that improve mixing tolerance and result in high-volume cakes with a delicate crumb structure. With our margarine, you can elevate your baking game and achieve outstanding results in your favorite cake recipes.


No matter if you’re baking a delicate biscuit, a crumbly scone, or a sweet shortcake, we have theperfect solution. Our selection of biscuit shortenings, derived from palm, is specifically designed to make tender and delicious biscuits. In addition, we offer a variety of shortening flakes that can enhance flakiness. With our easy-to-use products, you can achieve exceptional results in your baked goods.

Puff Pastry

No matter if you’re preparing a delicious Puffs, khari or croissants we have the perfect solution for you. Our selection of Puff margarines and butter blends, made from palm, is designed to create golden and flaky puff pastry with exceptional layering.Trust us to provide the ideal choice for achieving outstanding results in your pastry creations.


Whether if you’re aiming for a luscious white buttercream, a fluffy filling, or a convenient bucket icing, we have the solution for you. Our range of icing shortenings, made from palm, is designed to be user-friendly and deliver smooth, stable, and aerated icings. With options that contribute to longer-lasting and consistent textures, we can help enhance both the shelf-life and eating experience of your creations. Trust us to provide the perfect shortening to elevate your icing applications.

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