Rubber Estates

Parisons Group acquired the Boyce Rubber estate, a 1665-acre property located in Kerala, and integrated it into its portfolio of rubber estates. The group produces 8.5 million kilograms of rubber annually from its own area, and an additional 1.5 million kilograms of rubber is sourced from neighboring holdings and processed by the group.

  • Total area : 1665 acres
  • Rubber Plantation :1340 acres
  • Produces Latex concentrates & PLC Crepe
Grade Specification Applications
High Ammonia (HA) Latex Concentrates DRC: 60.0-60.1 %,
NRC 1.3 – 1.5 %,
Ammonia Content 0.65-0.72 %,
VFA No. 0.02-0.06,
MST: By 20 th
Foam products,
Dipped goods,
Elastic thread
Low Ammonia (LA)
Latex Concentrates
DRC 60.0-60.1 %,
NRC 1.3 – 1.5 %,
Ammonia Content 0.25-0.30 %,
VFA No. 0.05-0.06,
MST: By 20 th day (In secs) 800
Preferred for all applications
where de-ammonization is
necessary for product
Special grades of
Latex concentrates
Single/double centrifuged latex
concentrates made to meet the
specific needs of customers
manufacturing high technology
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Grade Specification Applications
PLC 1X 50 kg bales in polythene & Jute Hessian Surgical and pharmaceutical products
PLC 1 50 kg bales in polythene & Jute Hessian Transparent rubber products for production of Chlorinated rubber
PLC 2 50 kg bales in polythene & Jute Hessian Rubber products of light colour
PLC 3 50 kg bales in polythene & Jute Hessian Footwear and for deep coloured rubber products
Sole Crepe 71 kg bales laminated with tissue, packed in polythene & jute hessian Children’s shoes, fancy footwear for ladies & shoe soles