Cake Mixes

More than any other dessert, a cake signifies celebration and the important moments in life. That’s why Parisons Group has developed a range of specialty cake mixes with their new brand Named Prime . Our cakes not only taste delicious, they give your bakery a platform for growth and long-term success. And with the quality and consistency you’ve come to trust from Parisons Group, you can rest assured that your cakes will bring consumers back time after time. Our commitment


Roasted Rava

Aditi Roasted Rava is mainly used for preparing upma, pancakes, baby cereals, rava dosa and sweet dishes like kesari/ksheera. The product is made from select high quality wheat directly sourced from place of origin. The ‘Air Roast Technology’ used in manufacturing the rava helps preserve the goodness of wheat without nutrients getting lost during the roasting process. The roasting process in indirect heating and hence the rava does not directly touch the steel surface of the dryer.


Green Tea

With an eye to the requirements to our tea drinkers abroad, the Group is now in the process of erecting a new Green Tea Factory with a capacity of processing 12000 kilograms of green leaf daily. The teas will be of the Chinese style of Green teas, from where the whole story of TEA originated”