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The Parisons Group based in Calicut, Kerala are one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of two basic food commodities, wheat flour and edible oils in South India. Parisons’ formidable presence and expertise can be seen at every stage of the agri-business cycle, from product development, manufacturing to distribution. After establishing a clear leadership in the food commodities market, the group has diversified its activities into rubber, tea plantations and infrastructure leasing. The group manages more than 6000 acres of plantation land and provides livelihood to around 3000 people.

The origin of the group dates to 1950’s. Late Janab A.V. Kunhipari laid the foundation of the business. Under the inspiring and visionary leadership of its founder and the commitment of the younger generation, the business flourished and grew at a phenomenal pace, becoming a well-respected business group.

The group was established in 1982 as a small trading outlet in Big Bazaar in North Malabar. The Group’s first manufacturing unit, Parisons Roller Flour Mills Private Limited was setup in the year 1992 in West Hill, Calicut. The success of this venture led the Group to expand considerably by acquiring several flour mills as well as by taking over sick and ailing units and making them viable in the shortest possible time. The group now has a total processing capacity of 800 MT/day for wheat flour milling and 450 MT/day for edible oil refining and extraction. The turnover of the group today is Rs. 1400 crores.

Presently, the Group is headed by Mr. N.K. Mohammed Ali, a dynamic and resourceful leader and a visionary thinker. He is supported by his equally accomplished and enterprising brothers, Mr. N.K. Ashraf, Mr. N.K. Khalid, and Mr. N.K. Haris. It is the energetic and highly effective leadership of this top management team that has made Parisons what it is today – a major presence in the agri-business industry.


Enrich the lives of our consumers by providing quality food


To make food products which are top class in hygiene, quality and nutrition.